About Us


Established since 1980, we specialized in all Industrial and Marine Gases, Gas Equipment and Gas Cylinders (Steel & Aluminum) from Japan, Korea, China and Europe.

Over the years, we have developed to meet the growing needs of high purity Calibration and Hydro Carbon gases for the Industrial such as petroleum, electronics, pharmaceutical, engineering, power plant and food industrial.

Being the distributor for Helium and Balloon gas , Ken Industrial Gases has since been supplying helium for both industrial and leisure events such as product launches, major promotion, children parties and National day celebration etc.

As from 1999, we venture with a worldwide organization to provide worldwide supplies in shipping and offshore company. We even secure the agency for marine chemical and marine Fire & Safety Equipment.


Our Services

a) Setting up of gas Tranfill Plant.
b) Installation of gas pipe line.
c) CO2 tranfill to marine vessel.
  d) N2 ship purging
e) ISO Tank ( Bulk Liquid Gas ) for export.
f) Hydrostatic testing and shot blasting of cylinder.

Our Objective

Ken Industrial Gases objective to provide good quality, effective and fast delivery. In order to help customers achieve consistently reliable performance in both analytical and process applications from basic research through new products development, production, delivery, technical support and customer service we're managing resources to provide customers with the best possible value and performance in their operations around the world.

Helium, Gas Welding Pressure Regulator Supplier in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam


Ken Industrial Gases is dedicated to maintain its position as one of the notable helium gas distributor in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. Australia & Philippines
We have strong networking with customers and our team is experience and highly service-oriented. We are also a leading supplier for gas welding pressure regulator, gas regulator for various gas type like air, helium, calibration mixture which cover well-known brand like Morris, Firepower, Unitor, Wescol, Harris, Messer, Vigour also include China OEM products to ensure the perfect fit for your needs. Kindly contact us for immediate quotation.